My name is Amanda, and I'm a freelance web developer based in Augusta, Georgia. I've been making websites since 1999, using a variety of web technologies over the years. For the last nine years, my passion has been WordPress, and for the last three years, I've combined that with a passion for the Genesis Framework. Click here for the full scoop.

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Help Plugins Know Their Role With Menu Humility

You want to add some cool new feature to your WordPress website. So you head on over to the add new plugins screen in your administration panel, do some searching and clicking, and before you know it, you’re ready to make your dream come true. There’s Just One Problem Satisfied with your discovery, you settle […]

Stop Making Things Pretty And Start Designing

I saw on Twitter last week that the next WordSesh is being planned. So I want to share some of my favorite talks from previous events. The first one I’m sharing is on design. This talk by Michelle Schulp is one of my favorites because it looks at design as solving problems strategically and not […]

Track Your Billable Hours With Instabilling

If you’re someone who charges for your work on an hourly basis, keeping track of those hours can be chalenging. You could use a stopwatch, and then create a spreadsheet and enter that data, create a formula to calculate your rate, and then get the results from another column, but that means you have to […]

SSL’s About To Get A Lot More Famous, Thanks To Google

We normally think of HTTPS (Hyper-text Transfer Protocol Over TLS) as something e-commerce or banking websites use. There are other types of sites that use it too, (webhosts can, for example, force logins to their user administration panels using https, and any site dealing in the exchange of any personal data is using it if […]

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